Fast, flexible, and safe groundwater treatment.

Carbonet’s pre-activated flocculants are ideal for operators who face variable conditions in remote or tight locations and stringent environmental laws.

A predictably unpredictable predicament

Groundwater jobs are famously unpredictable. The water you treat can vary hour-to-hour, the flocculants you use may underperform, and the chemicals you release can run foul of local or federal laws.

  • On top of that, sites are often remote or frustratingly small—making it hard for crews to work quickly and efficiently.

For an operator, unpredictability eats into margins, crew morale and safety, and legal exposure.

CarboNet’s SimpleFloc for groundwater:

  • Requires no makedown, saving time, water, and space in remote or tight locations.
  • Its forgiving dosage window means less pump adjustments and labor demand, leading to fewer delays and operational issues.
  • Reduces operator variability and error, reducing safety hazards and environmental concerns.
  • Acts quickly and produces consistent results, leading to predictable costs and reliable KPIs.
  • Cost-competitive with liquid emulsion flocculants, even at a 4:1 ratio.

Between the lines:

Control matters when everything is unpredictable. SimpleFloc’s plug-and-play simplicity, small footprint, and near-zero chemical output boost your ability to deliver results on-time and budget while avoiding environmental snafus.

Reference project

Trans Mountain delivers some 300,000 barrels of petroleum daily to the West Coast. The Trans Mountain Expansion aims to increase capacity and expand access to global markets.

An ambitious expansion: The installation of 900 km of new pipeline will greatly expand the existing pipeline that measures 1,261 km across Alberta and British Columbia.

Increased scrutiny and regulations: As the largest project in TMP’s history, the expansion requires dredging, dewatering, and discharge to waterways and irrigation channels. Groundwater treatment is crucial to ensure released water is within regulatory specifications.

The chosen chemistry: SimpleFloc, an anionic flocculant backed by the NanoNet platform, emerged as the solution for  clarification, demonstrating enhanced flocculation, reduced active chemistry, and much lower toxicity.

A simpler solution for complex operations: SimpleFloc is delivered ready to use, eliminating make-down, cutting chemical consumption, and reducing polymer by 80%.

Benefits beyond cost: Not just cost-effective, SimpleFloc tackled DAF carry-over issues, reducing stress on the system and improved operator conditions, particularly in cold weather.

“SimpleFloc was a game changer not only in helping our project operate within spec, but also in simplifying our overall process. It’s the difference between a system that just meets regulations and one that’s set up to accelerate and scale.”
Randy Khalil, Dewatering & Water Treatment SME


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Win in Water

Water insecurity and regulations are coming for the P&L. CarboNet chemistry lowers CAPEX, OPEX, and emissions.