Barry Yates

Cofounder / CEO

Barry Yates, an entrepreneurial veteran, led Blast Radius and Monexa, both acquired by major corporations. At UBC, he mentored new entrepreneurs. Now, as CarboNet's co-founder and CEO, he's helping scale what one customer called “the most technologically innovative water treatment application I’ve laid eyes on this decade.”

Michael Carlson

Cofounder / Chief Technology Officer

While pursuing his PhD in biochemistry, Michael Carlson developed the NanoNet platform, a breakthrough in water treatment that deploys novel molecules to sequester suspended particles 10x faster than industry norms and at half the price. He now leads the company’s research and scientist recruitment efforts.

Amielle Lake

Cofounder / Chief Commercial Officer

Amielle Lake previously founded Tagga, sold to Campaign Monitor, and is a founding member of the Women’s Equity Lab, an angel investment group launched to support Canadian entrepreneurs. At CarboNet, she built the team that swept the Permian Basin, taking SimpleFloc from alpha to market dominance in just two years.

Bill Schonbrun

Cofounder / Chief Operating Officer

William Schonbrun manages the company's product strategy, manufacturing, and distribution. With over 20 years in operations and product management, he played a key role in launching CarboNet in 2018 and has a history of guiding teams to successful outcomes at Blast Radius, Monexa, and Oracle.

Board of Directors

John Adams


Jim Finkbeiner


Jim Fletcher

Board Chair

Eric Schwitzer


Barry Yates


Win in water

Water insecurity and regulations are coming for the P&L. CarboNet chemistry lowers CAPEX, OPEX, and emissions.