Inorganic Coagulants

SimplePrime PAC and ACH are essential inorganic coagulants to improve water clarity, enhance safety, and reduce treatment costs, making them ideal for both municipal and industrial applications.

Clarity in an era of complexity.

SimplePrime is a range of coagulants selected to pair with our flocculants and simplify water treatment, reduce emissions, and cut costs.

  • Treatment is often a two-hander: coagulants prime particles for flocculants to settle out. But getting the chemistry to align is often a puzzle that wastes time and money as operators sort out which half of the equation isn’t working.
  • SimplePrime is designed to optimize SimpleFloc, our no make-down flocculant series, ensuring the treatment process isn’t bogged down with unnecessary delays or subpar KPIs.

The starting line-up: SimplePrime launches with PAC and ACH, highly-charged inorganic aluminium coagulants ideal for wastewater, clarification, and drinking water.

  • Polyaluminum Chloride (PAC): Effective across a wide pH range, PAC forms large, heavy flocs that settle quickly, making it ideal for drinking water and wastewater treatment.
  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate (ACH): Efficient for low turbidity water, ACH requires lower dosages and minimally impacts water pH, resulting in high clarity of treated water.
  • PAC/ACH blends: Custom blends to manage variables in turbidity, alkalinity, and organic matter content, particularly when they impact efficiency, performance, or regulations.

Here’s how raw water quality and the alignment of coagulant and flocculant impact your overall treatment speed, efficacy, and quality:


  • Manage High Turbidity: SimplePrime reduces solids load in clarifiers, prepping for effective flocculation with SimpleFloc.
  • Address Low Solids: SimplePrime creates abundant, robust nuclei, boosting SimpleFloc's particle binding capability.


  • Neutralize Colloids: SimplePrime counteracts colloidal stability in organically rich waters, cutting down SimpleFloc's workload.
  • Enhance Efficiency: It ensures minimal interference from organics and dispersants, optimizing SimpleFloc's performance.


  • Optimize pH Levels: SimplePrime adjusts to a range of pH levels for coagulation and flocculation, minimizing chemical alterations.


  • Boost Color Control: Using SimplePrime with chlorine and specific metal salts achieves more efficient color reduction at optimal pH.

Keep it Simple: SimplePrime and SimpleFloc are designed to remove variables and speed up treatment. No guessing between vendors, chemicals, systems, or approaches.

“We saw a 90% drop in polymer and almost 20% fewer suspended solids after introducing CarboNet’s solution into our operations. That was great—but we also saw our operator efficiency go up since there was no fussing with chemical dosing. And as operator efficiency climbed, our hiring close rates climbed, too.”
Sandra Oh, Food Processing Specialist

SimplePrime Features

Advanced inorganic coagulants that quickly forms flocs, enhance water clarity and safety, and cut chemical usage and operating costs.

Broad pH range: Functions effectively across a wide pH range, accommodating various water treatment environments

Rapid floc formation: Quickly aggregates particles, facilitating faster settling and clearer water

Low sludge production: Generates less waste, simplifying disposal and reducing handling costs

High charge density: Provides strong coagulation capabilities, improving contaminant removal

Versatile applications: Suitable for multiple settings including municipal drinking water, industrial wastewater, and paper production

Efficient dosing: Requires less chemical dosages, lowering cost and environmental impact

Safe and reliable: Widely accepted for use in potable water treatment, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations

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SimplePrime PAC and ACH  ensure efficient water purification, wastewater management, and regulatory compliance across industries. Their ability to enhance water quality and operational efficiency makes them indispensable in municipal and industrial settings.

Sludge dewatering

Industrial wastewater


Produced water

Pulp & paper


Municipal drinking water

Stormwater treatment

Lake and pond management

Chemistry to compete

CarboNet’s NanoNet platform generates programmable flocculants, coagulants, and targeting agents that adapt to any application and significantly improve your P&L.