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CarboNet chemistry cuts chemicals, toxicity, and downtime while ensuring you hit your KPIs. Tuck in for a night’s rest.

For headaches associated with wastewater.

While pharma may make life easier for everyone else, it struggles with water treatment. Makedown operations are wonky, staff are often untrained, and staying below permit is tricky with commodity flocculants.

Why it matters: Pharma may be big, but its wastewater teams are small. Manufacturers need a simple set-up—one that doesn’t involve CAPEX, water treatment experts, and expensive chemicals.

CarboNet’s plug-and-play solution:

  • Requires no makedown equipment, eliminating or reducing CAPEX.
  • Cuts PAM by up to 90%—a gain for the P&L and fixed-address toxicity limits.
  • Arrives pre-activated and plugs straight into the line, eliminating HS&E hazards.
  • Offers a forgiving dosage window and is easily automated so workers don’t have to babysit the pumps or experiment with complex dosing regimes.
  • Acts quickly and produces consistent results, leading to predictable costs and reliable KPIs.
  • Cost-competitive with liquid emulsion flocculants, even at a 4:1 ratio.

The takeaway: Wastewater treatment isn’t a core focus for pharma. Solutions need to be cost-effective and not impact permit limits—but vitally they need to be safe, simple, and require little to no training for line workers who are focused on other tasks.

“We cut suspended solids by 18% and polymer by 90%, then cut out make-down, which also saved our crew hours a week not messing with dosing.”
Operator, California
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Chemistry to compete

CarboNet’s NanoNet platform generates programmable flocculants, coagulants, and targeting agents that adapt to any application and significantly improve your P&L