Some bonds defy the laws of physics.

Join the team behind the new standard in water chemistry and make connections that last a lifetime. (Possibly longer—but that’s another branch of science.)

Let's go chasing waterfalls.

Freshwater—upon which we all rely—is in free fall.

Research notes by the end of this decade our global reserves will be 40% overdrawn, the economic impact of which is estimated at well over $1 trillion.

The human impact of water insecurity is even more staggering. The U.N estimates that a billion people will be displaced by 2050 as floods and droughts force historic migration (and civil unrest).

So—why the optimistic lead-in?

For one thing, we’re scientists and engineers. As daunting as things look, there’s always a way forward—often discovered by curious nerds poking at the edges of possibility. Case in point: our NanoNet platform was created by accident by a Phd candidate in-between semesters.

For another, we’re clear-eyed pragmatists who know the way to change behaviour is to change incentives. Want industry to stop using too much freshwater or polluting the water table? Give them an economic advantage—an option that doesn’t force them to choose between the right thing and their investors.

Finally, we’re slightly daft romantics and buccaneers who discovered that saving the world’s water supply is probably the most important work of our lives.

Any of this sound like you?

What we’re building

CarboNet is a materials science company focused on water treatment. We use chemistry and engineering to help industrial brands and operators use water efficiently and, in the process, cut their CAPEX, OPEX, and emissions. The more efficient they become, the more freshwater we preserve. Rinse and repeat.  
Here are some of the things we’re building or thinking about:

• Novel molecules for liquid/solid separation

• Chemistry that replaces machinery

• Reclamation targeting

• Predictive monitoring and analysis

• AI-based systems to 100x operations

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What we care about

Like any young company (Series A, profitable and growing 50% YoY) we want what everyone wants: talented people who are passionate, curious, and play nice with others.
We also care about momentum, both for our business and our goal of helping preserve the world’s freshwater reserves.
Sure, we have our #1 rule—no assholes! But that’s just a provocative way of summing up the earlier part: come here to add your skills and energy to our mission, not create noise that disrupts our signal.
For those of you who like lists, we care about people who:

• Think independently, work collaboratively

• Hone their technical skills

• Expand their circle of impact

• Aren’t evil brats

• Occasionally laugh, despite the odds

Life at CarboNet

“I vividly remember him explaining the chemistry to me on a whiteboard and thinking, “at what point should I tell him I have no fucking idea what he’s talking about?”

That’s Amielle Lake, our co-founder, talking about when Mike, our CTO, tried explaining to her the science behind what became NanoNets.

Amielle and Mike, along with Barry (CEO) and Bill (COO) are the original misfits, outcasts, and believers in the ambitious mission we’re on to save freshwater.

Here’s a deal: Go read the interview with them. Then come back and gaze on these crazy creatures that you may one day work with.

If you feel something—some sort of tingle or nervous energy that makes you say “I really want to work there” then, well, welcome. Hit the apply button, stalk us on LinkedIn, or stay in our orbit until our trajectories align.

The NanoNet Platform

The NanoNet Platform powers CarboNet chemistry and creates products known for speed and efficiency that cut CAPEX, OPEX, and emissions.