Chemistry to compete.

As freshwater becomes scarce and increasingly regulated, companies from energy and mining to food and beauty turn to CarboNet to reduce, recycle, and renew the water they need to thrive.

Adaptive chemistry:
a new competitive advantage.

CarboNet’s NanoNet platform generates programmable flocculants, coagulants, and targeting agents that adapt to any application and significantly improve your P&L and market position.


Chemical spend

Reduce cost-to-treat by up to 50%

Toxicity & emissions

Reduce PAM by up to 90%

OPEX spend

Greater crew efficiency, reduced NPT, lower labour costs

CAPEX investments

Avoid new equipment, prolong existing infrastructure, increase throughput

Regulatory exposure

Reduce exposure to government or collective action


“Within two hours of introducing CarboNet’s solution into the system, not only did the tanks start to clean up, with contaminants breaking loose from the walls, we were suddenly seeing stronger floc and our volumes went up to 85,000 barrels of water a day.“

D. Williams, O&G Operator


“It’s the most technologically innovative water treatment application I have laid eyes on this decade. It has been excellent in helping us operate within spec, and in simplifying our overall process. It’s the difference between a system that just meets regulations and one that’s set up to accelerate and scale.”

R. Khalil, Dewatering & Water Treatment SME


“The speed and clarity that CarboNet helped us achieve in our water was better than anything we expected—the results were astounding. Not only could this save tens of thousands in equipment costs, we're impressed with how seamless the experience was.“

S. Detweiller, Automotive Plant Operator

Chemistry to compete

Save money

CarboNet chemistry reduces CAPEX, OPEX, HS&E incidents, and emissions.

• Decrease cost-to-treat by up to 50%
• Cut PAM by 80%
• Reduce emissions and regulatory exposure

• Reference brief: Midstream operator

Simplify operations

Plug-and-play with no make-down.

• Increase team efficiency by up to 150%
• Operate quickly in tight or remote locations
• Greatly reduce non-productive time

• Reference brief: Construction dewatering

Avoid fines

Get ahead of regulatory or collective action by substantially reducing your emissions

• Cut polyacrylamide by 90%
• Hit zero-discharge KPIs

• Reference brief: Energy company

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The platform behind the products

The NanoNet Platform powers CarboNet chemistry and creates products known for speed and efficiency that cut CAPEX, OPEX, and emissions.

• Novel: AI-designed molecules

• Scalable: An infinite library

• Efficient: Molecular targeting

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The water table is the new cap table.

We’ve spent the last year listening to our customers, reviewing the science, and discussing how water insecurity will impact industrial brands that rely on water and operators who serve them.

• Regulations: rising and random

• Costs: OPEX is the new CAPEX

• Talent: Boomers out, Zoomers in?

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industry spotlight

Pulp & paper

CarboNet chemistry creates dramatic results for P&P sludge dewatering, lowering CAPEX, OPEX, and emissions while hitting Scope 3 Standards.
• Reduce cost-to-treat up to 50%
• 80% less PAM: cut fees, emissions
• No make-down, no break down

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CarboNet chemistry cuts chemicals, toxicity, and downtime while ensuring you hit your KPIs. Tuck in for a night’s rest.
• No make-down required
• Plug-and-play for line workers
• Near-zero chemical output

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Oil & gas

Carbonet chemistry treats the majority of the Permian Basin’s produced water where competition is fierce and margins are razor thin.
• Reduce cost-to-treat up to 50%
• No make-down, no break down
• 80% less PAM: cut fees, emissions

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CarboNet chemistry eases municipal water treatment by cutting PAM 80% and cost-to-treat 50%—while helping preserve your CAPEX, reduce your OPEX, and hit your KPIs.
• Removes up to 90% of PAM
• Cuts cost-to-treat by up to 50%
• No make-down boosts efficiency

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CarboNet’s chemistry extracts new value out of your water treatment. Lower CAPEX, OPEX, and emissions while hitting Scope 3 Standards.
• 80% less PAM: cut fees, emissions
• No make-down, no break down
• Reduce cost-to-treat up to 50%

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Industrial wastewater

Water scarcity and regulatory hurdles are forcing manufacturers to reduce, recycle, and reclaim their industrial wastewater in an attempt to balance usage with profitability.
• More rules, less water, higher costs
• OPEX is the new CAPEX
• Focus on total cost-to-treat

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Food & beverage

CarboNet chemistry cuts chemical fees, toxicity, and NPT. Your margins may just put on weight.
• No make-down required
• Plug-and-play for line workers
• Near-zero chemical output

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Construction dewatering

CarboNet’s SimpleFloc creates 10x stronger flocs than commodity chemicals. Dewater your sites predictably and safely while sticking to your permit.
• No make-down required
• Plug-and-play efficiency
• Near-zero chemical output

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the carbonet interview

Breaking the Waves

They accidentally created a chemistry platform that’s shaking up a multi-billion dollar chemical cartel. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

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