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CarboNet chemistry arrives pre-activated and requires no make-down, delivering reliable dosing that won’t gum up equipment, shut down a site, create an HS&E incident—or any of the other headaches caused by commodity chemicals.

More gain, less pain.

As increasing water insecurity and regulations make water ops more complex, it falls on distributors and suppliers to offer solutions that not only make sense for customers, but turn a profit for everyone involved.

  • Here’s the headache for BD, sales, and support: do you push for new CAPEX? Or work with existing infra? Do you pitch cheaper chemicals? Or rethink the chemistry entirely? What about NPT or HS&E? Both cut into your customer margins, but aren’t always factored up front.
  • Yes, but: Yes, you want to make the sale. But ongoing support will wash away your margins if you’re constantly babysitting customer sites because make-down is acting up or belts are shredding.

CarboNet’s adaptive chemistry was built out of these complications, creating an opportunity to simplify operations even as customers face increasing challenges:

  • OPEX: CarboNet chemistry requires no make-down and dramatically reduces time spent on dosing calibration and monitoring—or NPT when calibration or monitoring snafus lead to centrifuge flushes, shredded belts, cemented polishers, or other equipment malfunctions.
  • CAPEX: CarboNet products don’t require make-down equipment and often improve the performance of other tools in the pipeline, helping maintain existing CAPEX or avoid new investments entirely.
  • Health & safety: CarboNet products arrive pre-activated in plug-and-play totes, removing the need for makedown and crew exposure to toxic inhalants, spills, slips, and other machine interactions.
  • Team morale: CarboNet products are step-change in simplicity and functionality—features that help teams do more with less, faster and more efficiently. Crews that use our products often refuse competing job offers from companies using commodity chemicals and equipment.

But: simple and efficient don’t come at the expense of margins or legal exposure:

  • Chemical spend: CarboNet flocculants alter the throughput of water treatment, reducing cost-to-treat by up to 50%.
  • Toxicity: CarboNet’s NanoNet platform reduces PAM by up to 90%, helping hit increasingly stringent regulatory targets.
  • Emissions: CarboNet’s chemistry reduces Scope 3 Emissions up to 70%. To date, the commodity chemicals we’ve displaced has cut 300 million tonnes of C02 production.
  • Regulatory exposure: Broadly, CarboNet chemistry slashes emissions and improves performance KPIs related to zero discharge or permit targets.

Behind-the-scenes: CarboNet scientists and field technicians are focused on products for a new reality: a world with less water and more regulations—but persistent demands of customers and shareholders.

  • This has led to the NanoNet platform and new chemistry, one which eliminates chemicals from water treatment entirely, another that isolates valuable particles for extraction.

The bottom line: Distributors and operators want solutions that differentiate themselves from commodity sellers and protect their margins. CarboNet offers just that: reliable, sustainable, plug-and-play chemistry that reduces customer costs, NPT, and HS&E incidents—while boosting throughput, efficiency, and KPIs.

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Water insecurity and regulations are coming for the P&L. CarboNet chemistry lowers CAPEX, OPEX, and emissions.