No-fuss chemistry for personal care wastewater.

CarboNet chemistry simplifies water treatment for tricky personal care wastewater while cutting chemicals, OPEX, CAPEX, HS&E incidents, and emissions.

No fuss for all your muss.

Personal care products are designed to repel water, leading to hydrophobic wastewater that’s fugly and tough to treat.

Why it matters: While manufacturers may design their wastewater operations to systematically reduce oily surfactants from their effluent stream, the final holding tanks are jammed with a byzantine mix of oils and detergents that make consistent liquid/solid separation a challenge for shift workers tasked with managing make-down and dosing schedules.

  • Misdiagnose: Personal care manufacturers don’t typically employ water treatment experts, so make-down and consistent dosing is left to shift-workers who frequently misdiagnose and gum up the system, leading to expensive NPT and occasional HS&E incidents.
  • Overdose: Complex wastewater and inconsistent flocs can cause staff to dramatically overdose. For fixed-address permits, regular overdosing can lead to regulatory breaches, fines, and even site shut-downs.

CarboNet’s chemistry resolves these issues:

  • Requires no make-down and plugs directly into your lines, eliminating the need for make-down equipment and maintenance.
  • Offers a forgiving dosage window so workers don’t have to babysit the pumps or experiment with complex dosing regimes.
  • Cuts PAM/polymer by up to 90%—a gain for the P&L and fixed-address toxicity limits.
  • Acts quickly and produces consistent results, leading to predictable costs and reliable KPIs.
  • Cost-competitive with liquid emulsion flocculants, even at a 4:1 ratio.
  • Overall: reduces CAPEX, OPEX, HS&E incidents, and emissions—while improving your margins.

The bottom line: Water treatment isn’t a core focus for personal care manufacturers. Solutions need to be cost-effective and not impact permit limits—but vitally they need to be safe, simple, and require little to no training for line workers who are focused on other tasks.

Chemistry to compete

CarboNet’s NanoNet platform generates programmable flocculants, coagulants, and targeting agents that adapt to any application and significantly improve your P&L.