Cationic Flocculant

SimpleFloc Cationic is a no make-down flocculant known for speed, efficacy, and its ability to reduce CAPEX, OPEX, and HS&E incidents.

Security in the era of water insecurity.

SimpleFloc Cationic is a pre-activated, no-make down flocculant designed to simplify water treatment, reduce emissions, and cut costs.

  • SimpleFloc is a product of the NanoNet platform, a proprietary library of programmable, nano-molecular meshes that can intelligently target and sequester particles in water and are a step change from commodity chemicals like PAM.

How it works: SimpleFloc is delivered neat and plugs directly into your water treatment system. It requires no make-down.

  • Consistency: SimpleFloc’s pre-activated state enables it to deliver consistent dosing and avoid bad flocs that gum up bags, belts, presses, or centrifuges and lead to NPT or site shut-downs.
  • CAPEX: The flocculant requires no make-down equipment, which helps reduce new CAPEX or extend existing investments.
  • Data: SimpleFloc sites can use automated pumps that send data back to a monitoring dashboard for aggregation and analysis.

It’s the chemistry: NanoNets reduce polyacrylamide by 80% and boost flocs by 10x. This has the obvious effect of cutting chemical costs, but also reduces risk of breaching limits in the operating envelope.

  • Chemical spend: SimpleFloc alters the throughput of water treatment, reducing cost-to-treat by up to 50%.
  • Toxicity: NanoNets reduce PAM by up to 80%, ensuring crews won’t accidentally breach permit limits as they work to hit their KPIs.

It’s the math, too: A deployment of SimpleFloc favors the P&L:

  • The reduction of chemical fees alone makes SimpleFloc competitive on a 4:1 basis.
  • But the impact hits everywhere: lower CAPEX, more efficient crews, less HS&E incidents, fewer permit breaches, less NPT and site shut-downs.

Buckle-up: Safety is also a key feature of SimpleFloc. No make-down means crews aren’t exposed to toxic inhalants found in dry polymers, nor do they worry about slips and drops from messes associated with emulsion leaks and puddles.

  • Some operators report crews using SimpeFloc refuse competing offers from commodity operators given the efficiency and safety of the product.

The bottom line: Water insecurity is changing regulations, permits, and emission limits. Commodity chemicals like polyacrylamide—created 70 years ago for a different era of water treatment and rapidly aging out—aren’t up for the task at hand.

  • SimpleFloc and the NanoNet platform are designed for the era of water insecurity and offer operators reduced costs, improved efficiency, more regulatory flexibility, and a tighter bottom line.
“We cut suspended solids by 18% and polymer by 90%, then cut out make-down, which saved our crew hours a week not messing with dosing.”

Food Operator, California


SimpleFloc Cationic significantly outperforms commodity flocculants in both obvious and non-obvious ways.

SimpleFloc’s pre-activated, made-down state faces no rate-limiting on speed of reaction compared with dry, emulsion, and solution polymers that must reckon with improper aging, variable water temperature, and dozens of other factors that impact performance.


SimpleFloc Cationic is a positively charged flocculant ideal for wastewater with negatively charged particles. These are often organic materials like proteins, microbes, or certain types of sludge.

Sludge dewatering

Secondary Water Clarification (WAS)

Water clarification

TSS removal

COD / FOG removal

Reference projects

SimpleFloc Cationic is deployed across multiple industries and applications. Here are recent projects, complete with KPIs/Results.

Lagoon dredging

Sewer line dewatering

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Cationic technical specifications

The NanoNet Platform

NanoNets power CarboNet chemistry and creates products known for speed and efficiency that cut CAPEX, OPEX, and emissions.